How do I change the GDPR consent text on new registration?

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  • This is likely a very obvious answer but, I would like to tweak the wording of the GDPR consent that pops up when a user registers for the forum for two reasons:

    1. I would like to add some additional information that is specific
    2. The bottom paragraph where users have to check consent boxes, I have sentence that is cut off -> ' Unless explicitly changed in your user settings, this community delivers email digests every .'

    Is this text being pulled from the database? If so, against what key? If not I'm assuming it's hardcoded into some template/template partial/configFileName.json. I've been unable to find it thus far.

    Thanks for any insight! I appreciate it.

  • Bump for this!

    Need to know

  • Well, there are language files in /public/language. The GDPR text is, as far as I remember, sourced from a few of these entries (the language files are JSON files with a prase identifier, and translation). So if you want to change the wording, you would have to modify these files in your clone of the repo.

    Not sure if this is the "best way" since they might be overwritten when you pull the next version (could someone with more knowlede than me confirm this?) but that's a git issue that you should be able to handle once you get to updating.

    For example, I see three entries in the file "/public/language/en-US/register.json" that start with "gdpr_". There are probably others but this is a good place to start. Just search those language files for the exact wording.

    Also note that to chnag eit you would have to change all of the languages, but if english only is enough for you, that is easier.

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