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  • Has anyone set up NodeBB through EC2 on AWS?

  • Yup, we run our NodeBB forum out of EC2. The trickiest setup was Redis, but here are a couple links which helped:

    I'm interested in investigating Redis on ElastiCache, but haven't had the time yet.

    Other than that, you'll need to install Node.js, of course. It's pretty straight forward (git clone the repo and build/install), but I think you may need to add some directories to PATH or other small setup tweaks. There are a probably a bunch of guides if you Google around.

  • Thanks for the info!

  • Not yet, but I will.

    I installed UbuntuServer on Virtualbox of MacOSX and logged in via SSH (and tmux)
    redis-server can be installed via apt-get, and node.js is also straightforward in some way (obviously bunch of info available on the net).

    Currently, I studies email functionality of nodeBB.
    I probably use Amazon SES, but it seems that there is no nodebb-plugin for that yet.
    So, that is the major problem for now, and wonder how other guys manage that.
    Perhaps, I end up with developing the plug-in by my own.

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