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  • I am using kurento media server One to many video call with Node JS.yesterday i was presenting a video from server and it was connecting 150+ users then NPM crashes and getting below error

    C:\Users\Administrator\Downloads\kurento-tutorial-node-master\kurento-tutorial-node-master\kurento-one2many-call\node_modules\ws\lib\WebSocket.js:218 else throw new Error('not opened'); ^ Error: not opened at WebSocket.send (C:\Users\Administrator\Downloads\kurento-tutorial-node-master\kurento-tutorial-node-master\kurento-one2many-call\node_modules\ws\ lib\WebSocket.js:218:16) at WebRtcEndpoint.<anonymous> (C:\Users\Administrator\Downloads\kurento-tutorial-node-master\kurento-tutorial-node-master\kurento-one2many-call\serv er.js:302:16) at emitOne (events.js:116:13) at WebRtcEndpoint.emit (events.js:211:7) at onNotification (C:\Users\Administrator\Downloads\kurento-tutorial-node-master\kurento-tutorial-node-master\kurento-one2many-call\node_modules\kur ento-client\lib\KurentoClient.js:235:14) at RpcBuilder.<anonymous> (C:\Users\Administrator\Downloads\kurento-tutorial-node-master\kurento-tutorial-node-master\kurento-one2many-call\node_mod ules\kurento-client\lib\KurentoClient.js:269:14) at emitOne (events.js:116:13) at RpcBuilder.emit (events.js:211:7) at RpcBuilder.decode (C:\Users\Administrator\Downloads\kurento-tutorial-node-master\kurento-tutorial-node-master\kurento-one2many-call\node_modules\ kurento-jsonrpc\lib\index.js:720:15) at Stream.transportMessage (C:\Users\Administrator\Downloads\kurento-tutorial-node-master\kurento-tutorial-node-master\kurento-one2many-call\node_mo dules\kurento-jsonrpc\lib\index.js:225:10) npm ERR! code ELIFECYCLE npm ERR! errno 1 npm ERR! [email protected] start: node server.js npm ERR! Exit status 1 npm ERR! npm ERR! Failed at the [email protected] start script. Some time more than 100 users connecting also getting crashes.

    so can you please let me know how many users will support node package manager.

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    @pitaj @gasoved Resolve my issues .. Thank you for your feedback.

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    @faizanzahid Honestly, we've never tried it. If you enable it, let us know what happens 😬

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    @julian said in RFC: Drop support for old node.js versions?:

    Those in enterprise environments? 😆

    Edit: Good lord, it's 11-0 right now.

    Ehh, even enterprise needs to drop support for older dependencies. Especially these days where old versions can lead to security issues!

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    I don't know of any plugin that is already built to do what you want. Like most of the rest of us, you will likely have to write some Node JavaScript to create the plugin to suit your needs. I don't have the time to write custom code for free, although if it is worth money to you, the NodeBB development team may be interested in consulting for you.
    Now that I re-read what you originally asked, I'm curious if you actually need "Sockets" (as in SocketIO, which is server-initiated TCP/IP connection to a browser) or if APIs on both the hosted NodeBB server and the localhost server would do this better.
    Either way, if you choose to go the NodeBB plugin route, you will need to know which Hooks are available. A "hook" is an event that your plugin subscribes to. When that event happens in the core NodeBB server, it will call the function in your plugin which subscribes to the event.

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    I restarted nginx, and do so whenever I try to make changes, but it's not working... Is something like this valid? I made sure the file in sites-available and sites-enabled are linked.

    upstream io_nodes { ip_hash; server; } server { listen 80; server_name; proxy_set_header X-Real-IP $remote_addr; proxy_set_header X-Forwarded-For $proxy_add_x_forwarded_for; proxy_set_header Host $http_host; proxy_set_header X-NginX-Proxy true; proxy_redirect off; # Support proxy_http_version 1.1; proxy_set_header Upgrade $http_upgrade; proxy_set_header Connection "upgrade"; gzip on; gzip_min_length 1000; gzip_proxied off; gzip_types text/plain application/xml application/x-javascript text/css application/json; location @nodebb { proxy_pass http://io_nodes; } location ~ ^/(images|language|sounds|templates|uploads|vendor|src\/modules|nodebb\.min\.js|stylesheet\.css|admin\.css) { root /path/to/nodebb/public/; try_files $uri $uri/ @nodebb; } location / { proxy_pass http://io_nodes; } }

    Edit: Error came back. @_@ I'll get back to it later.