• Has anyone put a widget in the right column that allows users to select a skin without having to go into their settings? I have Flatly set at the default, but my audience would likely prefer darker skins since they are the type of people who stare at a screen all day. I just want to make it clear that it can be changed, and easy to do so.

  • There's a night mode plugin that puts a lightbulb in the menu bar at the top. I installed that. But, I also have some custom CSS that puts a box with radius corners around each category and topic. The color for that background is specified in the CSS, and doesn't change.

    I'm guessing if I didn't have that custom CSS, things would work just fine. I wish there was an option in the persona theme to enable boxes around these things. Having everything on a white canvas with no separation looks messy to me, not minimal.

    You can see it work at https://packetforum.com

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