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  • @Per0x Just published version 0.2.1 with the Redis fix. I've setup a Redis database for testing to hopefully avert such errors in the future. It is only a test database with limited data, but hopefully nothing as major should now arise in future versions. Otherwise report it immediately 🙂

  • The activation of the plugin works well, but in grafana it seems not to want to make the connection.


    And in logs of grafana: http: proxy error: dial tcp "MY_PUBLIC_IP":443: i/o timeout

    When I go to the folder /metrics I see the metrics well in text format, like:

    # HELP nodebb_maintenance_active If maintenance mode is on 1; otherwise 0
    # TYPE nodebb_maintenance_active gauge
    nodebb_maintenance_active 0

    Is it just my network connection the problem, or something else ?

    Anyway, well done for your responsiveness, you rocks !

  • Grafana only displays some metrics from different data sources one of which is Prometheus. You need to setup Prometheus to collect the data first. My Plugin is only providing the metrics so that Prometheus can read and collect them. Have a look at the Prometheus documentation.

  • Ok, I thought that it was built in the plugin. Never mind, I just have to launch a prometheus docker container, It shouldn't be too complicated.

  • It's okay, now everything's working great with redis, thanks!
    Just missing the number of online guests (not only users) and that would be perfect.

  • @Per0x Will have a look at it. Will probably make it into the next version (0.3.0). Created an issue for it on the repository: https://gitlab.com/cppnet/nodebb/nodebb-plugin-prometheus/issues/3

  • Great news! I had tried the plugin with google analytics but I was not really satisfied. Your plugin with grafana, there it really looks pro and especially, stats are really detailed.

  • Great to hear. But I would like to just put out this notice:

    Google Analytics and my plugin do very different stuff. My plugin should be considered as a part of network, system, or website monitoring. It is monitoring the software and its components. While Google Analytics is a web analytics which is about the users and how they use your website. An alternative for Google Analytics is Matomo.

    Website monitoring and web analytics are usually not exclusive but are used both at the same time since they are used to monitor different things. Or actually one is monitoring a thing and the other is monitoring humans.

  • This post is deleted!
  • I just release version 0.3.0 of this plugin. The following changes have been implemented:

    • Using action:analytics.increment for analytics counter (better performance and accuracy)
    • Added label viewer to page view that can have the values user, guest, or bot (inspired by an upcoming change in 1.11, you get it early here)
    • Added new metric nodebb_online_guests
    • Added new metric nodebb_eventloop_lag_seconds. This is measured by NodeBB which has a smoothing factored compared to what is measured by NodeJS and provided via nodejs_eventloop_lag_seconds
    • Added new metric nodebb_eventloop_maxlag_seconds. This is the maximum allowed lag for NodeBB. If the lag is getting closer to this value NodeBB will start to issue 503 error codes. The chance a user is getting a 503 is calculate by this formula: (lag - maxLage) / maxLag.

    @Per0x Sorry it took a while but your metric for online guests is now finally available.

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