Dependency installer on first start

NodeBB Development
  • I was working on my NodeBB server last night and noticed how actually annoying it is to set up, so not anyone can simply set it up...

    So I started to ponder if I can make the process faster and easier for everyone to use and I came up with the following idea which I was able to get working on a NodeBB install integrated right into NodeBB which basically took all the methods and checked.

    So What i did was the actual following:

    • Updated App.JS to support require.Resolve() method to check for all needed files
    • Made a basic requirements reader that was able to read the NodeBB package info
      *Made it so it test each module to see if it existed on every start up, checked for updates and updated if needed or downloaded them and installed them if needed

    Doing this took out about 15 to 20 mins of work for a none NodeJS user so all someone know would have to do is basically run

    Node App

    Without needing all the other things such as

    Node install

    Or anything of the sorts, i am working on also making it get it's other needed resources like redis and a few others

    Will Post source to my github when I get home from work

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