How to change scroll target for notifications, etc?

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  • I've changed my forums ( to have all the content within a separate div. This breaks when you click a notification or another action that's supposed to scroll the page automatically, and it targets what I suppose is one of the outermost divs, breaking the functionality. Is there anyway to change the target so the action scrolls the correct div?


  • If anyone is curious, I found a workaround using jQuery!

    It's kind of cheaty because it's using time, but basically I set an interval to run every 100ms a total of 100 times. Each time it checks where my posts are (.awge-windows-container) and looks for a highlight class. If it finds it, it will scroll down and cancel the interval. It's cheaty, but it works without disturbing anything 🙂

    Code below

    			var foundHighlight = false;
    			function setIntervalX(callback, delay, repetitions) {
    				var x = 0;
    				var intervalID = window.setInterval(function() {
    					if (++x === repetitions || foundHighlight) {
    				}, delay);
    			setIntervalX(function() {
    				$('.awge-windows-container').each(function(ind, obj) {
    					if ($(obj).find(".highlight").length > 0) {
    							scrollTop: $($(obj).find(".highlight")[0]).offset().top
    						}, 2000);
    						foundHighlight = true;
    			}, 100, 100);

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