Can't Upload Anything Except Pictures in 1.8.2 (Redactor)

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  • In NodeBB 1.8.2 we can no longer upload any file types except pictures.

    Please note that we are using the Redactor Composer for entering text.

    We have the following file types enabled:


    Uploading jpg and png files work fine. But when I try .zip, .izz, .pdf the upload indicator at the top of the window briefly shows up, but no file is deposited there.

    In previous versions of NodeBB, uploading these kinds of files worked fine with Redactor.

    I tried deleting all the file types, saving the settings, and entering them again, but to no avail.

    Does anyone have ideas on this for me?

    Is there some way to temporary disable Redactor (without uninstalling it) so I can try with the normal composer?

    @julian - could you possibly try uploading files with Redactor to see if you see the problem also?

    Best Wishes,

  • Dear @julian

    I created a fresh trial NodeBB on, installed v1.8.1.

    When I tried uploading files non-picture files with the normal composer, everything worked fine.

    When I tried doing it with Redactor enabled, it has the same behavior as our site. The upload progress bar at the top temporarily appears, but no upload appears in Redactor.

    So this issue does not seem to be specific to our site.

    Best Wishes,

  • Workaround/clue to the problem: If you click the "file upload" button and enter text where it says "name (optional)" then the link will appear.

  • @mark-coniglio

    bump? has anyone taken note of this?

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