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  • Hello guys,

    I run my site for 2.5 years, and the user's number was increasing gradually. However, I feel something still needs to be done.

    For example, in my site, after the user registered, they would post a thread to ask some mathematical problem. Most of the time I will answer it. Then the user just leave. This end up with a kind of personal site: they ask questions, then I reply. This is my site's situation. But what I really want is a forum: they ask questions, then they reply. Two main reasons of such situation might be that

    1. they dont know the answer.
    2. they dont want to answer.

    A member points/Reputation trade system might be a good solution, as least to handle the item 2. In this system, you can

    • gain member points/Reputation by posting;
    • gain member points/Reputation by online time;
    • get paid member points/Reputation by answering other's thread;
    • pay member points/Reputation to others who answer your questions, the more you paid, the more comprehensive answer you can get;
    • get honor pedal once your points/Reputation reach to certain level;
    • have other rights once your points/Reputation reach to certain level;
    • ...

    In face, it looks like the reputation system in the nodebb. To achieve this, one possible way is

    • either to improve the reputation system comprehensively. Right now it only increases +1 by upvoting, decreases -1 by downvoting. In this plugin, it adds another way by posting.
    • or to build another member points/Reputation system in the nodebb

    I believe such member points/Reputation trade system would boost the user's impulse to interact more with other users. What do you think? ☺

    Thanks for effort of nodebb team!

  • You might want to look at some of the plugins listed in this topic to see if any do what you want.

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    The changes need to be made to the files of a Persona theme, found the directory like this:


    I was try to do this on my forum and I did it, this is what you need to do:


    You need edit 2 files - topic.tpl and post.tpl

    /node_modules/nodebb-theme-persona/templates/topic.tpl /node_modules/nodebb-theme-persona/templates/partials/topic/post.tpl Copy and remove this code in the topic.tpl <div class="tags tag-list inline-block hidden-xs"> <!-- IMPORT partials/topic/tags.tpl --> </div> Paste this in the post.tpl after {posts.content}

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    <div class="tags tag-list inline-block hidden-xs"> <!-- IMPORT partials/topic/tags.tpl --> </div>


    Now run the command to build Nodebb and that's it, ready.


    (note that when the screen size is a mobile phone the tag is not even displayed in the post/header.)

    Yes, you right. To show tags on mobile you need remove hidden-xs in the div class.

    <div class="tags tag-list inline-block"> <!-- IMPORT partials/topic/tags.tpl --> </div>
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    What OS are you using? Try installing the libvips package them restart the setup.

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    @pitaj said in Block composer during upload/resize:

    So you can still submit while multiple photos are uploading?

    Yes - or at least when I tried the last time, the upload showed 100%, but the tags were not replaced with the "resize". So maybe the upload was finished, but not the resize? 🤷

    @baris said in Block composer during upload/resize:

    Maybe it's a bug with the code that replaces the progress text with the actual filename.

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