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  • Hello guys,

    I run my site for 2.5 years, and the user's number was increasing gradually. However, I feel something still needs to be done.

    For example, in my site, after the user registered, they would post a thread to ask some mathematical problem. Most of the time I will answer it. Then the user just leave. This end up with a kind of personal site: they ask questions, then I reply. This is my site's situation. But what I really want is a forum: they ask questions, then they reply. Two main reasons of such situation might be that

    1. they dont know the answer.
    2. they dont want to answer.

    A member points/Reputation trade system might be a good solution, as least to handle the item 2. In this system, you can

    • gain member points/Reputation by posting;
    • gain member points/Reputation by online time;
    • get paid member points/Reputation by answering other's thread;
    • pay member points/Reputation to others who answer your questions, the more you paid, the more comprehensive answer you can get;
    • get honor pedal once your points/Reputation reach to certain level;
    • have other rights once your points/Reputation reach to certain level;
    • ...

    In face, it looks like the reputation system in the nodebb. To achieve this, one possible way is

    • either to improve the reputation system comprehensively. Right now it only increases +1 by upvoting, decreases -1 by downvoting. In this plugin, it adds another way by posting.
    • or to build another member points/Reputation system in the nodebb

    I believe such member points/Reputation trade system would boost the user's impulse to interact more with other users. What do you think? ☺

    Thanks for effort of nodebb team!

  • You might want to look at some of the plugins listed in this topic to see if any do what you want.

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    ok well im noob with everything 😄 its so far very well siuted for my needs

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    I checked the solution and it works ! , thank you very much, though I applied the change on the file directly because if I update the whole project the emailer-local stops working... but I guess that's a complete different issue ^_^ .

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    Thanks @julian, i'm gonna give it a try 😓

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    @xCausxn I am going to try out what you have said. But, I also wanted to know if this will work for Social logins on my website?

    The users on my website can use Facebook, Google+ or local login to register to the website and use it. Now if I create the oauth system on my server, will it also be able to handle FB logins?

    Sorry, I am pretty new to all this and still am figuring things out. Even if you can point me to the right direction, I'd be grateful.

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    Hi @Netto-Hikari, thanks for your feedback about our upgrade process 😄 We definitely try to make the upgrade process fluid and straightforward, but if files have been changed, then yes, there will be problems as git will not know how to handle changed files.


    When it comes to upgrades, I just simply follow the docs and it always says that I have to commit the changes before.

    Did you mean Step 3? As far as I know, the only thing we ask admins to do before upgrading is back up their data. If you have never changed any of the core files, git should never complain.

    If this ever happens, and you are absolutely sure you didn't change anything, then you are advised to run the following:

    $ git fetch # to grab the latest code (but not apply it) $ git reset --hard origin/v0.5.x # force your local files to match the NodeBB repository *EXACTLY* $ ./nodebb upgrade # then proceed with upgrade as usual

    ^ Hooray, more unsolicited advice from strangers on the internet 😄

    After running those commands, future attempts to git pull should not have git complain.