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    If you are going to store a lot of stuff I would use ./src/cacheCreate to create my own, ./src/cache is for a few stuff that never changes like the list of categories etc. If you put a lot of your own stuff in there like urls for link-previews it will negatively effect the performance. For stuff like that just create your own lru cache.

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    Is there a specific reason that letters on the default avatars got smaller in this version (1.13) compared to previous ones?

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    @julian and this is enough. Im done with any type of conversation with you.
    In addition to this :: I will not contribute any of my asset (time/code/whatever you think I have) to NodeBB.

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    @PitaJ said in Bookmarks / Favourites breaking change 1.2:

    How do you recommend this be done? If you want a changelog, you can look at the milestone on GitHub.

    But milestones only cover issues. There iare of course lot of changes and addition that arent referenced on issues.
    There were some helpful topics of breaking changes on the past with a little explanation.
    I guess a topic with centralized information would be nice for 1.2 1.3 1.4 at least updates ( including new or uptades hooks explained + breaking changes on plugins explained + breaking changes on themes explained + a simple explanation of new features)
    It doesnt need to be all changes just important things
    Please remember that not every body know to code but with some little explanations and documentation some of us can keep runnin and doing small fixes and learning and improving nodebb

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    @julian @MatthewHawley Not sure if you got this working or not but you need to specify the application you are adding the addon to:

    heroku addons:add redistogo:nano -a myapp

    You can also login into the heroku control panel, choose the "Resources" section of your app, click the "Get Add-ons" link and add it there. Terminal is much easier though.