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    What is this?

    Version 2 of NodeBB using the Persona theme (and many child themes based off of Persona) used Bootstrap 3 as its front-end CSS framework.

    As part of the upgrade to version 3, we are upgrading to Bootstrap 5, whose migration comes with a number of updates and changes, many of which are incompatible with previous versions of Bootstrap. […]

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    It's not news to say 2020 has been... challenging. In Toronto, the home of NodeBB HQ, we've gone from a spring lockdown to a cautious summer reopening, to lockdown again — sigh. But the team has never stopped working, and have managed to squeeze out one last release before we thankfully turn over the calendar.

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  • Looking ahead to NodeBB v2.x

    Moved NodeBB Blog
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    ps enhancements:

    types support(via @types),which can improve developers' exp just by npm i @types/nodebb etc
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    Ahah, busted 😬

    I still use Linux day-to-day, although I picked up a 2015 model MBP so we could test NodeBB on safari (when the need arises)... it's... an okay laptop 😬

    Perhaps someday I'll format it and load Xubuntu...

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    @trevor said:

    By next year, I hope there is some type of competition as far as themes go, I'll just stand on the sidelines while Tanner collects his prizes! Next year (if we do this again) I won't let such an easy win slip by like that again... Congrats Tanner, you've earned it. 🙂

    And Technowix that sounds like an excuse lol.

    You'd better not sit on the sidelines next time. Looking forward to the challenge! 😛