use write api with q&a plugin to create a topic as a question?

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  • I have the write api plugin installed as well as the question and answer plugin. We are successfully creating topics and posts. Is it possible to create a topic as a question? I tried adding isQuestion (equals 1) to the POST body when creating the topic but it was ignored. Would the write-api have to be forked and updated to support the optional value of isQuestion? It seems clear in the question and answer plugin that it doesn't create/expose any write api of its own.

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    @Enrique the main problem you seem to be having is that you are not aware that there is a frontend and a backend to NodeBB. You have to wire up the controls from the ACP and make a call to the backend (via websocket, for example), and then you can call server side libraries.

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    FWIW, it's a few years later -- I was able to log in via elinks (a lynx variant used by one of our members), and though the interface was a little messy it worked. Search seemed to not work (or I wasn't using it right), but I could browse. Writing a reply to a post seemed impossible though, as I got "403 forbidden." Have not tried with JAWS or the like yet. I'm not sure if this is on the roadmap to change but here is a quick note that these are the results as of June 2018.

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    I am working on a search plugin.

    There're two filters available for topic & post :

    filter:search.query = function(data, callback) {'enter search') return callback(null, []); }; plugin.searchTopic = function(data, callback) {'enter topic search') return callback(null, []); };

    now I can see the log in search after I search something, as well as advanced search. But searchTopicnever show.

    Can someone tell me how to invoke this filter ?

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    Maybe a plugin to add the field for coin address? I've seen people add them to their sigs as well, but depends on the theme (ie. Persona doesn't utilize sigs but we will plan on making them kind of like a status update in future)

    Cool work BTW 🙂

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    Okay, no problem. Might even simplify the code a bit to do it this way.