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    Yesterday I created a plugin to track the user actions on the client-side and send them to a Facebook Pixel. I hope it will be helpful. If you like the plugin, don't mind giving it a star on GitHub.

    How The Facebook Pixel Works
    When someone visits your website and takes an action (for example, buying something), the Facebook pixel is triggered and reports this action. This way, you'll know when a customer took an action after seeing your Facebook ad. You'll also be able to reach this customer again by using a Custom Audience. When more and more conversions happen on your website, Facebook gets better at delivering your ads to people who are more likely to take certain actions. This is called conversion optimisation.


    npm install nodebb-plugin-facebook-pixel

    Supported Hooks

    action:ajaxify.end action:ajaxify.contentLoaded action:composer.addQuote action:composer.addQuote action:posts.loaded action:topics.loaded action:category.loaded action:app.loggedIn action:app:loggedOut action:profile.update action:search.fillOutForm action:infinitescroll.loadmore action:chat.renamed action:chat.loaded action:chat.closed action:chat.minimized action:chat.sent action:chat.received

    GitHub Repository

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    I guess this is not needed. The first line in the post is applied to the meta description 🙂 We learn something everyday 😛

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    I would start by checking how tags system is implemented. They probably can be easily disabled or modified for other purpose.

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    I want to rewrite the entire taginput and autocomplete but don't want to edit core file.

    Is there a way i can edit them from plugin? or way to point composer to use my system instead?

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    @efraimip I don't believe this specific plugin is supported anymore.

    Does a tool like this exist now, or is it in the works?

    There is nodebb-plugin-customize when you want to make quick modifications to templates or translations. Between that and Custom CSS in the ACP you can modify most aspects of your theme without creating a new theme or subtheme.

    99% of all posts in the "nodebb themes" forum are questions - not themes (I found actually only 1 single actual theme in searching many pages of that forum)

    Here are some themes I know of that I think are still maintained:

    nodebb-theme-persona (first party, default) nodebb-theme-lavender (first party) nodebb-theme-vanilla (first party) nodebb-theme-oxide nodebb-theme-slick

    I like allot of what nodebb offers but it seems less supported now - and less plugins available - than a few years ago.

    NodeBB has adopted many plugin features into core.

    How do we easily customize theme now? Without putting dev hours into it?

    I'm not sure what exactly you're referring to by "dev hours", but obviously you can't get something for nothing. Somebody needs to know how to use HTML and CSS, even with this defunct plugin.