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  • Bear with me as Im furious

    Explain in details:: who was such an asshole to select noSQL solution as the only solution available?
    OK, but there should be an option to select SQL like Mysql, postgres and others.

    Its not hard to code, so get your asses down and code. Even if this means rewriting from scratch.

    Bunch of fuckedup loosers.

  • @developer Switching data models between a standard, tabular relational database (SQL) and a noSQL style data base is hard without having to code for two completely different data models. They would need to basically build an abstraction layer to handle the differences in data models. Using a noSQL model also has some performance benefits over the tabular databases you mentioned.

    I'd also say that the way you ask for this really just makes you sound like a dick who has no idea what he is talking about.

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