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    I have a website I want when users click on Login on my NodeBB forum get redirected to to login. I want to connect a plain text JSON database with my forum.

    How I can do that?


  • @kenygamer If you want to use another authentication provider, you should check out the SSO plugin.

    What does the JSON file have to do with the login form? Please tell me you are not storing the passwords in a plaintext JSON...

  • GNU/Linux

    @teh_g This is a small forum. We have no intentions to use MySQL or another database provider at the moment.

    The problem is that I don't know how to adapt the plugin, I don't code in Node.js but I'm skilled in PHP.

    Is there any way, for example, that I pay you to make this kind of plug-in for my NodeBB?

    It's most likely we're going to migrate to MySQL soon. I own a game server and I want to use an external custom and secure SSO login. Registrations will be made through the game.

  • @kenygamer I'm far from a developer. The folks at [email protected] are probably the best bet for a customer plugin. It sounds like you don't want to use single sign on (which relies on cookies or session tokens), you want to use a full on external database for authentication.

    I think from a user experience, cost, and level of effort; you'd be better just having the users register on the forums.

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