Is it possible to invite more than one user at once?

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  • Hi guys,

    i'm looking for a solution to invite about 200 people at once to our forum.

    I tried the built in invite-feature with a comma separated list of emails, but this does not really work. In this case nodebb is generating only one email with one invite-URL and one token for all recipients and all addresses are shown transparent in CC-field of the email.

    I tried also to install the nodebb-plugin-user-invitations, but the plug-in doesn`t work with nodebb 1.5.3 any more, at least in my setup...I remembered the bulk invitation feature of the plugin and would test it again, but unfortunately it does not work anymore. I tested the plugin a few ago with 1.5.0 (or less) and uninstalled it, because we did not really needed it and recognized some problems with the core invitation system after a while and 1 or 2 updates of nodebb. After uninstalling the plugin the invitations from the core function worked well again.

    Does anybody know if there is another way to invite more the one user at once?

    Thanks a lot for your help,

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    I'm don't know, i've only worked with 0.7 version. Are you sure there is such option in 0.6? If so, maybe this is template error

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    what is your node version?

    psychobunny@dev:~$ node -v v0.10.24