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  • Complement Group

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    @PitaJ Oh, sorry, I meant we have an explicit group for guests, who are registered users.

    The forum is completely closed for public and used by members of our organization and ~some~ people, who are not official members but let's say close to it.

    We want to ban this group of users from some categories. So we need an explicit member group. The problem: Our organization is split into several local federations, who have their explicit groups in the forum. New users are assigned to their local group when they were invited. As you can only set one pre-defined group during invitation, we cannot put new users into their local group and the members group. So all users, who are not assigned to the guest group should automatically become members. Otherwise I expect us to get into trouble with the user management.

    Admins have their extra-accounts, for administration, which should simply remain admins...

    Hope it is clear now.

  • Group formating plugin

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    I am looking for a plugin to make the color you set for a group the color for the name of someone in it,

    For example

    alt text

    The color for the group administrators is Blue but my name is white , i am searching for a plugin that can make the color of the group the same color of the user name

  • Request: Donor Groups

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    I don't think there is any plugin that does it, for now. Hopefully, someone will make it for you. 🙂

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    Hide links to guest for NodeBB. Latest version: 1.0.4, last published: a year ago. Start using nodebb-plugin-hide-links-to-guests in your project by running `npm i nodebb-plugin-hide-links-to-guests`. There are no other projects in the npm registry using nodebb-plugin-hide-links-to-guests.


    npm (

    enjoy 🙂

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    works like a charm! thanks