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    I am having a very odd problem with a NodeBB forum which was initially set up with NodeBB 1.2 towards the end of last year and has been upgraded numerous times since. We're currently using NodeBB version 1.5.1.

    This morning I was asked if a subscription to an e-mail service should be renewed for another year. I'm 99% certain that this forum uses that e-mail server but I need to check the actual configuration. I cannot anywhere find the relevant configuration option. Under the e-mail settings, there are username, password and e-mail address settings but not which SMTP server to connect to!

    We were previously using the nodebb-plugin-emailer-smtp plug in but now when I look there are no e-mail plug-ins installed at all. There is not even a nodebb-plugin-emailer-smtp directory within the node_modules directory. I know for certain that we were using this plug in because I found and fixed a minor bug with it and I left a comment about it on GitHub. I don't know how it is that our forum software is sending e-mail but it is.

    Without an emailer plug in installed, there are no related configuration options to be found under the plug ins menu.

    Has anyone got any idea how I can see the e-mail settings on this server?



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    Hi @Ottman001,

    either you are not using SMTP, then your NodeBB uses the server's sendmail() function, and you'll have to check your configuration on the server
    (for example like explained here).

    Or you use SMTP, then you could try to login to your admin and go to this URL:

    If you do use SMTP, then it's odd that you don't have installed any plugin nor that there is any menu-entry for the SMTP-configuration 😕

    Best regards,

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    I would also guess from your description, that you run a local Mail Transfer Agent (MTA) on your server. Check your running services!

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