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    Nodebb can't add to App

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    @roy.miller how much memory does your DO droplet have? It could be that the npm install is running out of memory, but that's unlikely.

    Try running npm ls after running npm install --production. Those npm warnings are not errors. You can ignore them.

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    @jdk1811 said:

    @frissdiegurke Thanks again! everything went well 😄

    Can I ask one more thing though,? Is it possible to delete alt on emoticons? I thought it was on parse.js, so I deleted

    alt:function(match){return match},

    this line, but it just broke the whole plugin 😞

    Great to hear 🙂

    if you delete this line instead it should work.
    The line you mention I suppose is the one within emoji-parser module (default options), not within emoji-extended plugin.

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    @misdigest If they are not compatible with your version of NodeBB then you can either downgrade NodeBB, not use the plugin or try and upgrade the plugin yourself. You could also ask the developer of the plugin if they will upgrade it for better compatibility.

    Usually the errors will give you some information on what is causing the problem.

    at Object.Soundcloud.init [as method] (/root/misdigestbb/misdigestbb/node_modules/nodebb-plugin-sso-soundcloud/library.js:26:66)

    Suggests that the nodebb-plugin-sso-soundcloud plugin is causing one problem

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    Done it, thanks again for your help @planner .