Need help !

  • I am getting an error in my NodeBB log.
    Can someone help?

    16/4 02:46:26 [16567] - error: NodeBB could not connect to your Mongo database. Mongo returned the following error: failed to connect to server [] on first connect
    16/4 02:46:26 [16567] - error: MongoError: failed to connect to server [] on first connect
        at Pool.<anonymous> (/opt/nodebb/node_modules/mongodb-core/lib/topologies/server.js:325:35)
        at emitOne (events.js:96:13)
        at Pool.emit (events.js:188:7)
        at Connection.<anonymous> (/opt/nodebb/node_modules/mongodb-core/lib/connection/pool.js:270:12)
        at Connection.g (events.js:291:16)
        at emitTwo (events.js:106:13)
        at Connection.emit (events.js:191:7)
        at Socket.<anonymous> (/opt/nodebb/node_modules/mongodb-core/lib/connection/connection.js:173:49)
        at Socket.g (events.js:291:16)
        at emitOne (events.js:96:13)
    Error: undefined

  • @Justin-Kamerman-0 MongoDB is not running or is running on another port ? default port is 6379 for mongodb I believe. Check mongodb and nodebb configs.

  • @BuZz ok I will look into it 🙂
    Thanks for your reply🙂

  • @Justin-Kamerman-0 sudo service mongod start



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