Welcome to mc-pe.us, the URL shortener used by thousands of Minecraft: PE servers UPDATED

General Discussion
  • Hey there,

    I recently announced a URL shortener focused on shortening Minecraft: PE server voting pages. Our aim is to offer you a simple, modern and fast service to shorten voting links.

    Although we put a small "About Us" section on the right side of any shortened URL, you have to understand that we have just started and want to earn few sales with our premium subscription. This includes advertising services on the site, however we never put other servers in a shortened URL, we just do it on the home page.

    Check out our homepage, know more about us, and if you want, check out the premium section. For a subscription of $5 per month you get a lot of features and a dedicated control panel to be an expert handling your URLs. More active subscriptions: we can cover the cost of the service and offer you new features.

    Visit mc-pe.us right now and help grow this project. The domain was very difficult to find and the few who are active with such number of characters!

    / Kevin Andrews

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