Self-moderation with NodeBB?

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    For a project, I'm deciding between NodeBB and Discourse, another well-known next generation forum software. For example, it seems that, like Discourse, NodeBB has optional subfolder and subdomain installations, and also optional fixed width layout.

    An important advantage of NodeBB for this particular project is the availabillity of unlimited subcategory levels (such as North America > United States > California > San Francisco). NodeBB seems also faster, with more flexible theming, etc.

    However, there is an important Discourse's feature, its automatic self-moderation capabilities. That is, "if more than one person flags a post, the post is hidden from public view, pending an edit from the OP, or action from a moderator." Please, is this also currently available with NodeBB?

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    @jg I imagine this could be made with a plugin.

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    Do you have any idea how much it is abused on busy forums ? There are on forum mafia who likes to bully. They form a team and work against anyone whom they do not like. Best example is Stack Overflow.

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    @meetdilip: If the self-moderation system is abused, a solution could be a settings option to increase the number of users flagging a post to automatically hide it.

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    I am not against that feature. It is helpful is the reigning members are decent. But in most cases, they are driven by ego and same tribe attitude.

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    @meetdilip: Yes, of course it depends on the different sites. It should be an optional, configurable feature. Since it seems to be not yet implemented in NodeBB, I woud like it to be considered a feature suggestion.

    About choosing Discourse or NodeBB, Discourse has already very nice features like this self-moderation. However, for some other points that can be important depending on the site, NodeBB gives more options. For example, Discourse has explicitly discarded pagination as a possible option, therefore infinite scroll must be used in all cases. Also adamantly discarded are hierarchical categories, and only one level of subcategories is allowed in all cases.

    On the other hand, NodeBB seems more open to give options for users' suggestions, such as optional pagination, unlimited subcategory levels, flexible theming, etc. So, this project probably will use NodeBB.

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