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    Hi, I planed to move nodebb from digitalocean to vultr, and I followed the guide, backup and restored the mongodb and /uploads.
    However, after I installed and built nodebb on vultr, the installed plugins are missing. Do I have to install them again?
    Is there any way to backup the installed plugins?


  • @audreybest Aren't the plugins stored in ./nodebb_modules/... ? If you did not backup/restore that directory then yes I believe you will need to reinstall the plugins. The database should have the plugin configuration settings retained though.

  • @rod Thanks, it makes sense. I didn't backup ./nodebb_module dir.
    So ./nodebb_module and ./uploads dirs are basically needed right? Is there any other dir is needed also?

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    Hey there! Love nodebb and the awesome potential of using it as my forum solution.

    However, I have been noticing something odd? Whenever I try to click on a hyperlink, sometimes it appears the link doesn't work. It's not broken and doesn't lead to a 404. Rather, I click it and it does the same behavior if I clicked a link that was linked to an empty anchor of some kind. eg:

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