[REQUEST] OneSignal for NodeBB

  • Why?

    As you might have seen I released the NodeBB WebView app, which uses OneSignal. As of now you have to send push notifications manually, which means that users will not receive actual notifications from the forum itself. Due to this I request a OneSignal integration with NodeBB.


    Things to consider while creating the plugin:
    Every user needs an unique ID. Otherwise notifications directed at them will end up on other devices as well.

  • It should be possible to pass a device ID via JavaScript to the client. This device ID would then be linked to a nodebb user account. I'm thinking a custom plugin should do the trick there.

  • I'd be happy to take a look at doing this.

  • By manual install OneSignal, i have seen an error with manifest.json, this file was replaced by default manifest.json of NodeBB

  • Take a look here.


    First attempt. Not ready for production use yet but can be tested if you are a developer or know what you are doing with REST calls.

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