A tentative plan about NGINX Reverse Proxy ?

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  • Hi. I have a tentative plan about NGINX reverse proxy. I setup NodeBB on server A and setup NGINX on server B and then users access my forum.
    I guess that when users request my website, HTML file is sent from A to B and then from B to user, but all other resources(images/css/js) are requested from A directly.
    How about this plan. Is this right? Thanks!

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    Ok, thanks to both of you. In case of any news i will update this thread. But for now i will continue with this bug. We can live with this.

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    Yes, Nginx and HHVM are running (this last one in socket mode) and I explicitly commented the line in the config for the server port. Error log files for Nginx and HHVM are empty.

    It returns a 502 bad gateway when I visit a file ending in .php or .hh, EVEN if it doesn't exist.

    I have followed the SAME tutorial here: https://community.nodebb.org/topic/11032/nodebb-full-stack-setup (Linux Ubuntu 16.04.3 LTS) and service hhvm status and service nginx status are up, loaded, running. HHVM works in CLI as php command and even returns the version HipHop if I add the -v parameter.

    PHP-FPM is NOT installed.

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    I've installed nodeBB and configured IIS8 with port 80 as proxy so I'm able to use
    forums.{page}.eu for the nodeBB board.

    The problem is, when I try to use the forum (e.g posting), this error appears: (it's in german)
    Firefox kann keine Verbindung zu dem Server unter ws://forums.{page}.eu/socket.io/?EIO=3&transport=websocket aufbauen.
    -> Firefox was not able to connect to the server at ws://forums.....


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    Glad to hear it was resolved 😄

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    @psychobunny said:

    awesome, looking forward to it 🙂 feel free to link to your guide on the wiki as well 🙂

    will do 🙂