I definetively cannot install NodeBB can anyone do it for me?

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    I know. But I am wondering that whether I can add some other reasons in to the report window…

  • The future of Nodebb

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    @Badde-Liyanage-Don-Dilanga said in The future of Nodebb:

    honestly I was wondering the same. the forum software is excellent. it loads faster, lightweight, uses node not something old as php, but it's so annoying to build the nodebb whenever you change some settings. plugins don't work, rebuilding/restart required to change the theme.

    Those things aren't idea. But honestly, how often are you changing a theme? That's the kind of thing that we'd assume would be, like every few years perhaps? Live theme changes would be nice, I agree. But very low priority kind of stuff. I'd prefer just about anything get prioritized over that.

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    @exodo said:

    @Danny-McWilliams said:

    @Mawi-Raura said:

    Exo.do is my favourite right now

    I agree with this, I'd love to know how the categories are listed like that down the side!

    Exodo theme is public on our github
    Nodebb theme exodo, branch 2.0
    Is a bit difficult to fit on another community cause you need modified widgets and some exodo tweaks but all is on our github
    Is only compatible with nodebb 0.7.x
    Been working on new version but not finished yet

    Ahh no problem, i'll take a look at it. Thanks!

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    @vinjdw @Marc-Boisvert-Dupras Keep in mind Kerberos authentication is default off, so if the module does not compile, this does not stop MongoDB (or NodeBB) from functioning correctly.

  • Redis & NodeBB

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    Here are the stats for this forum.

    3848 users
    3628 topics
    28458 posts

    139.12M redis memory usage

    This includes the session store as well.