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    Really awesome plugin. I'm excited to see the gif format being replaced by webm slowly but surely.

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    Ok I made some progress, I'm connected to the api, however the video code doesn't work.

    The code in the templates file is

    <div class="row"> <!-- begin gfyItem --> <video width="640" height="320" poster="//{gfyItem.gfyId}-poster.jpg" style="display: block;" muted="muted" loop="" autoplay="" class="gfyVid" id="gfyVid1"> <source type="video/webm" src="{gfyItem.webmUrl}" id="webmsource"> <source type="video/mp4" src="{gfyItem.mp4Url}" id="mp4source"> Not supported, please try the URL: <a href="{gfyItem.gifUrl}">{gfyItem.gifUrl}</a>. </video> <!-- end gfyItem --> </div>

    And what comes out, is

    <div class="row"><a href="Correct URL">Correct URL</a></div>

    So it's connecting, but there seems to be an issue with running the video aspect of this, it's definitely not my browsers as I'm using Canary & Firefox 30.0. So one of the two fallbacks should work. All I get in Chrome is ::before and ::after either side of the link.