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    +1 for this feature idea, I think the checkboxes are just irritating and unnecessary if a user didn't intend to select multiple items.
    I'm referring primarily to the Unread section. The common practice is probably: read interesting unread topics and then mark all the rest as read at once. Multi-select with checkboxes is nice but should be an option in my opinion.

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    And, if you want to bump minor or major version, simply do it in your package.json and the hooks will properly read and process it. Even updating the readme. And a new tag will be created.

    I didn't know about npm version but this is one step too much for me. I want to update the patch version at each comimt.

    This may not be optimal for js because it was originally meant to be a C++ thing. I just ported it to js.

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    Shreekavithaa ParupalliS

    Increasingly my mentor, Judy has been working on a better way to collect functional needs from users (who are not developers or implementers) and she is looking to find out if there is a better way to collect their user needs. She thinks the best is paper but it's difficult when users are scattered across continents.

    Thus we are looking for feedback on the following questions

    What tools do you use for collecting user needs?
    What are the actual tasks you need to do to collect functional needs from users?
    What re the challenges/barriers for using these tools?
    What can be better?

    Kindly answer these questions and help us serve our users better.

    Thanks and regards

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    I'd say it hasn't been moved then. 😛

    Should probably not display it's own category though. I'll give you that. 🙂 Would be nice if it included a text bar above for those with loads of categories. So type (for example) 'develop' and it displays the developers category.