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    Hi all,

    I realize this is an old topic, but given that I'm dealing with exactly the same problem, I figured it would be sensible to reply here. Essentially, I've followed the advice of @pichalite and created a simple IIS forward proxy for my NodeBB server. Unfortunately this solution does not yield the desired result, as many requests for resources are not being made to the correct directory - instead, requests are being made to the root level of the IIS Web server (e.g., GET http//, and not to the specified port where NodeBB is being hosted (e.g., or http://localhost:4567).

    Any ideas? I've played around with reverse proxies and outbound rules to route all outgoing traffic from http://localhost:4567 to the same URL I've specified for the proxy rule (e.g., http// to no avail... If more info or screenshots are needed, they can be provided. I've been banging my head against the wall trying to cycle through all possible solutions to this problem. Any insight would be GREATLY appreciated.