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    So now, I have questions to the NodeBB development team. @julian

    About @frissdiegurke 's idea.

    What do you think? Is it secure or do you have any better ideas, policies , plans?

    To manage dependencies between plugin,

    Can we enforce to install and activate plugins by dependencies? Or can we give warnings of wrong configurations, dependencies and so on by plugin on admin UI ( dash board? )?

    Do we have secure way to add/remove/modify custom data by plugin in a filtering pipe?

    For example, on filtering hook, data.pluginData.<plugin name> can be always for plugins (means some sure for core will not use it for different reason!! ), whether they are removed or not after filtering. I know if I select good name( random or highly uniq), then it will be quite safe but it will be better if we have an official space.

    If I want to make a npm module which is dedicated to NodeBB while it's not a plugin, then what is good name for. Maybe nodebb-helper-any-name. It may be for individual plugins.

    I had one more, but I forgot what was it while writing.... 🙂

  • Does not work search

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    @agusputra yeah its truly, but it can update only from console via npm i nodebb-plugin-dbsearch

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    Hi, all:

    Are there plans to update this for 2.0? The formatting in this one looks easier for users than the formatting in nodebb-plugin-btn-spoilers, so I would prefer to use this.

  • Filter for post parse

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    log from payload received from hook

    { postData: { content: undefined } }
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    My YouTube plugin needs updating. But I'm in London tomorrow to Thursday. Then spending alternate weeks in gibraltar. So its hard to find the time. 😉

  • Reset cache

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    @baris refactored the post tools and topic tools to load on demand for perf reasons, so I think the plugin needs to be updated for this change