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    That's the main thing that gives me pause... while I don't believe that ChatGPT will signify the end of online human interaction (among other things), I do believe that we will adapt to it and learn to live alongside.

    However my prediction is that ChatGPT will rather have the opposite effect, that it will enhance the value of user-generated content, simply through sheer quantity of AI generated content. It doesn't make said UGC any more or less correct, but human interaction will always be more interesting than a human-like construct 😄

    Lots of people are doing very interesting things with ChatGPT, and I'll put it very very bluntly:

    Something we can do is have ChatGPT consume an entirety of a NodeBB's post content and answer queries like a tailored help bot Seems like we see a new library or script doing this almost daily It is easier for me to sit back while hundreds of people attempt to do this, and wait for the winner to surface 😆