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  • BitID Authentication Plugin

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    I desperately need a NodeBB plugin which supports BitID authentication.
    A bitID oAuth-Server which integrates with a NodeBB-SSO-plugin.

    After installation of the plugin there has to show up a 'log-in with BitID' button like following example.

    <a href="bitid://">login with bitID

    After the correctly signed message is posted to the server he needs to login the user (his username is the address) if he already exists in the NodeBB database OR to create his account and then to log him in. Login in into NodeBB probably means setting a cookie.

    Further for each user a nounce needs be tracked in the DB to prevent attacks.

    To prevent spaming there should be a check whether his address exists (ever had a transaction) in the blockchain (call to is best).


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