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    I need to show some text but this texts is saved with a label that increase: for example

    var save={'0':'first text','1':'second text'};

    now I need to show this text in my tpl page so in my controllers I pass this vector to page. My problem is: how can I read the value in the vector with begin and with end??is it possible or not?

    <!-- BEGIN posts -->
    <!-- END posts -->

    and I try to use in the IF some regex expression?

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    @misdigest If they are not compatible with your version of NodeBB then you can either downgrade NodeBB, not use the plugin or try and upgrade the plugin yourself. You could also ask the developer of the plugin if they will upgrade it for better compatibility.

    Usually the errors will give you some information on what is causing the problem.

    at Object.Soundcloud.init [as method] (/root/misdigestbb/misdigestbb/node_modules/nodebb-plugin-sso-soundcloud/library.js:26:66)

    Suggests that the nodebb-plugin-sso-soundcloud plugin is causing one problem

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    @Ted I love that subdomain 😆

    What would the forum be, 🙂