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    Hi, I switched from docker install to normal install and I wonder if i can automate updates because I will 100% forget to apply them in the long term

    I tried to create a script to run once a month to do this:

    delete everything except config.json, packages.json and uploads

    get latest source for the 3.x branch from github

    run ./nodebb upgrade as node user, then start it

    but then I noticed that ./nodebb upgrade can ask "do you want to upgrade this plugin Y/N?", and so it can't be run attended in a script

    I checked in the help and I did not see a command to make it unattended, so I resorted to just run it as ./nodebb upgrade -mib && ./nodebb start, which looks like it does not ask questions

    What do you think?

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    @pichalite @baris

    Does this module allow to automatically assign the group label in the user profile automatically ?