NodeBB Version: 1.10.2. (I have no more developer information about the used NodeBB as i am not a administrator) Exact steps to cause this issue: Open a existent thread Go with Tab key to 'Topic Tools' button Hit Cursor-Down Sub-menu opens Hit Cursor-Down Cursor stucks in item 'Lock Topic', next item in sub-menu is not selected What you expected: I expected to reach all menu items in sub-menu with Cursor-Down key as in other buttons sub-menues What happened instead: Cursor stucks in first item of sub-menu and next items can not be selected Additional: Submenu items reachable by mouse Keyboard access is needed for accessibility A webdev in our company said: This is because NodeBB uses a hidden class to hide the opposite value (lock/unlock) so focus is lost when going over the hidden element. . This could be fixed by using a hidden attribute on the <li> element but the toggleClass code is in NodeBB core not the theme code. There is a need to fix this because accessibility by keyboard is important for some disabled or without-mouse users. ghost created this issue in NodeBB/NodeBB closed Sub-menu items of 'Topic Tools' not reachable by keyboard #7100