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  • Hey there guys,

    We are using NodeBB as our gaming forum @ GameLeap and so far we're loving it!
    It consumes an OAuth endpoint to authenticate users from our main site and this is the only way for them to use the forum for now. Users must have an account on our website.

    We basically offer many courses and each course has a set of videos.

    We're looking to extend the functionalities of our main site and what we aim for is a comment section for each video of each course. Currently I will be able to do this using our main site's database but I was like hey, why not utilize the forum to achieve the same effect? A comment section underneath each video that creates a topic on the forum and each reply goes directly to the forum.

    I researched about how I can achieve this and I came across the worpress/ghost comment plugin and the write-api that you guys offer.

    My questions are:

    1. Can it even be done?
    2. Would you recommend that I do it? Are there any people who have successfully done it?
  • Yes, its doable. On my roadmap for the blog comments plugin is an adapter to allow it to work for any unique page (be it a blog, video, etc) rather than write a unique adapter for each software as I am doing now.

    It's in the long term though, if you're willing to sponsor development I'd move it up otherwise stay tuned 🙂

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