• Hello,

    I would like to make a plugin that extends the current markdown with another option called "reply to unhide".
    The idea is to force a user to leave a reply at a topic in order to unhide certain content in the main post.

    I've done some research and what I understand so far is that I'll have to create a plugin.json with some content in it.
    I have to use the "filter:parse.post" hook in order to iether hide or unhide content based on whether the user left a reply.
    The only thing I am currently struggling with is how to add this to the current markdown script, I'll need some sort of code which can be wrapped around the hidden content.

    Any ideas?

    ~ Archcry

  • @Archcry , you can take a look at a plugin I did a while back called nodebb-buttons-galore. It shows you how to wrap content with Markdown.

  • Ah thanks, that'll help alot 😄

  • @Archcry, no problem. I'm interested in your plugin, as I had considered doing something for similar 🙂

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