• Hey guys,

    If anyone needs a cheap solution that's managed and requires no knowledge of setup and daily backups, I have what you need.

    I am charging $3 a month for Nodebb hosting. You have the choice of MongoDB or Redis and you have full access to your site. If you wish to leave or find a new host, there is no fee for receiving your database files.

    Email me at [email protected] if you have questions or you can PM me here on the nodebb community site.


  • Oh and one more thing I forgot to mention. If you want to test out the service, hit me up and I can give you 5 days free without any payment. If you like it great! If not, I can try to make it better or you can leave. The choice is yours.

  • bump bump bump bump bump

  • @ChrisPy , I might be interested... 🙂

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