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    We use NodeBB 3+ years at and some more sites and love NodeBB.

    We use NodeBB also as a CMS containing English definitions on a dictionary. Our users are loving it. but we are struggling in increasing our Google rankings as all our competitors are using AMP pages to outrank us.

    We would need an official Google AMP plugin that would enable any node bb topic page , like the 1 I'll post my topic on, to have an alternative Accelerated Mobile Page.

    Since when each topic will have a corresponding AMP version then it will help us rank much more easily in Google SEO search results and increase our rankings.

    With this plugin, our users can help us discover our sites and node bb itself site much more easily because Google ranks AMP pages better and higher over normal html pages.

    Please see all top news sites and forum sites use AMP %251%24s&

    This will help users coming from mobile to load much more faster giving a better and faster UX.

    Any node bb devs or any one else willing to take this, please reply or pm me. @Global-Moderators @Staff


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    @Bobber I've never used it, just used it to learn more about the way how Meteor apps are structured.

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    Probably it isn't what you expected to get as an answer