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    Anyone had experience using Opbeat ( with nodebb?
    Opbeat is a good logging and debugging tool. They have plugin for nodejs. I'm wondering do we have to modify nodebb code(app.js?) or we can do it through a nodebb plugin?


    Here is their instructions for nodejs app:

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    Yeah, events.js seems like it should contain the functionality for this. It currently only logs UID, but a lot of those functions should probably log the IP of the triggering party as well.

    It seems like the only way to do that is to have IP be a parameter for most of those calls. That's a little tedious.

    my fantasy: events are logged to the db as well as flatfile, have severity/importance levels, contain as much info as possible about who triggered it if the logging fn is passed a socket or request object, there's hooks for events of high severity, by default sends email or notification to admins when high-sev occurs

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    Peter-Zoltan KeresztesP

    I have tried to browse the plugins in the hope that I would get some more information but I did not got one single line. There still have to be a way to put this in full debug mode.