Hey guys, I've just discovered a new Instant Messaging, VoIP, etc. protocol named tox.

Since I'm really impressed and it works without problems so far (besides the GUI-clients don't provide all needed functionality yet) I just wanted to announce it and ask what you think about it.

maybe some day a tox-plugin will make it into NodeBB πŸ˜„

I'll now compare the differences between the desktop clients I've tested on arch linux: toxic, qTox, uTox (ΞΌTox)

toxic: CLI, so it has the greatest nerd-factor πŸ™‚ but lacks in functionality of video-streaming
qTox and uTox look nearly the same, so here a few differences that matter in functionality, etc.:

+ screen-sharing functionality (worked on local testings quite well) + sound-/video-check - no support for encrypted profile-files


+ tray-icon + emoticons + profile-images + auto-away + multi-profile (profile-export, etc.) + webcam-filter (hue, brightness, resolution, etc.) - qt5-dependencies :*( (wait, why does :* map to the tongue emoji, I'll need to check this...)

So I clearly recommend qTox, the only important lack is screen-sharing but one of the devs told me it's planned...

If you have further questions you may use the #tox IRC-channel on freenode πŸ˜‰