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  • Is the Replying icon supposed to be fading in and out? That's what seems to be happening on this site.


    Same image, just a second later.

  • I guess it's supposed to since otherwise there wouldn't be an css-animation called topic-reply-pulse ^^
    Another issue may be that it does disappear without any transition (chromium).
    And if I reload the page the icon is still shown for another like 5s even so I'm not replying.

    That's what seems to be happening on this site.

    Doesn't it work on your own? o_O

  • Doesn't it work on your own?


    I'm not running Edge, so the feature is not available on mine.

  • Yep, the fading is intentional. Just a little stylish thing I threw in just for the lavender theme.

    When it does disappear, it should transition to 0 opacity, although it's possible the transition is happning too quickly. Again, this is a lavender trait. In vanilla, there is no flair, just the keyboard (to maximize themability)

    As for reloading the page, yes... NodeBB polls to see whether the composer is actually open, every 10 seconds. 🙂

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