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    In your ACP at /admin/settings/tags increase the maximum tag count, it seems that feed item has more than 5 tags.

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    Hi, the sliding time bubble is cut of in FF.. probably due to incorrect z-index.
    It's not showing at all in Chrome.

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    I love this plugin, but I noticed one deadly problem. Misplaced characters can break the forum. The plugin looks for markdown header codes like

    and creates a toc...however if the codes are wrong

    the first line here has a period infront of the #

    the toc function will break.

    It seems the creator is gone so I hope someone else will fix this bug.

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    Version 0.10.0

    Scuff update for nodebb 2.x
    A bit late, but better than never.

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    Hi nodebb. Another friend from BitBangers here to show you my first plugin.

    Trying to look through a thread of phone screenshots was just painful, so I made a little plugin to allow you to resize images.

    The syntax is based loosely on the way iOS handles multple image sizes combined with normal markdown image embedding:
    ![alt text](<size>)

    Size can take the following formats:
    100x200 - Absolute size
    100x x200 - Absolute size where the other dimension is calculated to maintain aspect ratio
    50% - Percentage
    0.5 - Scalar Multiplier

    So for example, my original picture:
    is 1000x750.
    All of the following would produce the same image at 1/2 size:
    ![white house](
    ![white house](
    ![white house](
    ![white house](
    ![white house]([email protected])

    Install via npm:
    npm install nodebb-plugin-image-sizer


    Known Issues:
    Images that are set to be wider than their container become elongated (width is set to match the container, but height is not adjusted). This means that mobile can get a bit dicey.