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    A few things:

    I, too, have long favored Brother printers. Excellent bang for the buck. πŸ’΅ Suggest you never lay a flat screen flat on its back. Better to keep stresses in the vertical plane so stand on edge leaning up against a wall somewhere out of the way. Plus, you just know that somewhere there is someone wanting to trip over their shoe laces and.... I, too, favor quality over cheap. Nice Lenovo gear. πŸ‘

    Rock on NodeBB! 🎸 πŸ•

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    Truth be told our latest release was published late last week in advance of β€œsnowmageddon” burying much of the U.S. northeast and Canadian southeast. But everyone is well and we’ve mostly managed to dig our way out of our various home offices across the Greater Toronto Area. Hope you are keeping safe and warm, wherever […]

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    Alright. Okay. I know what I said before. But there is one other thing. Drum roll, please.... πŸ₯

    The visitor and use graph on the Admin landing page is useful to me. Some nice presets that cover most everything I'd be interested in. But I do find myself oft times pining for an hourly X-Axis spanning more days, e.g. 72 hour axis scaled in one hour increments.

    Damn. This is a slimline the cruft and tech debt announcement and I've now added two feature requests. Mea culpa!

    Thanks and keep up the great work!

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    The first commit to NodeBB was nearly four years ago, and in that time, many changes have been made to the core code itself, from feature additions and bug fixes, to bundling of must-have plugins for all installations.

    As with any code that matures, schema changes needed to be made over time to ensure that stored data was kept in an ideal manner, so as to reduce the use of anti-patterns such as god tables and XYZ. The second reason schema changes are made are due to revisions in the original implementation. Perhaps a design decision from before could have been done in a more efficient way, and that may need a migration of active data from one data type to another (e.g. a list to a sorted set).

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