• Hello,

    I've been using NodeBB for over a month now. I merged from MyBB and I really like NodeBB as it's fast and has every function we need.

    However there is one plugin I really miss from MyBB, a plugin that close old topics that are older than X days.

    Here is the plugin we were using before:

    Is there any chance a similar plugin for NodeBB could be created? It should just close the topic itself after X amount of days if there haven't been any replies within that time. This prevents people from bumping old topics.

    I would really appreciate any answer or even a development of this idea.

  • NodeBB Admin

    There is https://github.com/julianlam/nodebb-plugin-archiver but it needs to be updated to latest and maybe improved a bit so it doesn't load all topics.

  • @baris hmm, too bad no one has updated it for a while. I could be very useful for people who merged their forums into NodeBB. I merged mine from MyBB and the locked topics didn't stay locked. I don't know how to update this myself.

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