How to install nodebb on Windows XP vps

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    I have a 4gig ram VPs with Windows XP
    I ask supporters how can I install nodebb without a domain only with entering up?

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    I suggest you upgrade to a newer version of Windows first. Current versions of nodejs, redis, and mongo no longer support Windows XP.

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    Yeah, Windows XP isn't even supported by Microsoft anymore.

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    Hi Again
    So I Upgraded The VPS Hardware and updated windows to windows server 2008 R2
    And I have problem too
    If anyone can i give the user and password of the vps to install nodebb for me

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    What did you try already?

    You should install NodeJS first from
    Install mongo or redis, depending on which one you would like to use. If you use a hosted service for those, then skip this step.
    Then download NodeBB from github. I'd recommend to use GIT for that, but you can also just download the .zip in the releases folder.

    If you use the ZIP: unpack in the folder you'd like to use it in.
    If you use GIT: then you're ok now

    Go to the folder you've got the NodeJS system files. Open command prompt in this folder.
    Type "npm install"
    Wait until everything is installed. If it fails, check if you've got the correct building tools installed to your OS (it should be if you're using windows 2008 I thought)

    Type "nodebb setup", enter the details

    If you're done, do "nodebb start" and nodebb starts 🙂

    Next: in production you would like to set up a reverse proxy. Check how to do this with windows IIS

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    Thx for your helpful Guide:X
    But there is still a problem!I can't Access admin user
    in the cmd no admin account was created it says

    "C:\Program Files\Git\NodeBB>nodebb setup
    14/11 15:01 [5688] - info: NodeBB v1.2.1 Copyright (C) 2013-2016 NodeBB Inc.
    14/11 15:01 [5688] - info: This program comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY.
    14/11 15:01 [5688] - info: This is free software, and you are welcome to redistr
    ibute it under certain conditions.
    14/11 15:01 [5688] - info:
    14/11 15:01 [5688] - info: NodeBB Setup Triggered via Command Line

    Welcome to NodeBB!

    This looks like a new installation, so you'll have to answer a few questions abo
    ut your environment before we can proceed.
    Press enter to accept the default setting (shown in brackets).

    14/11 15:01 [5688] - info: Now configuring redis database:
    Configuration Saved OK
    Populating database with default configs, if not already set...
    Previous theme detected, skipping enabling default theme
    Categories OK. Found 4 categories.
    Administrator found, skipping Admin setup
    14/11 15:01 [5688] - info: Global Moderators group found, skipping creation!
    Enabling default plugins
    14/11 15:01 [5688] - info: [install/defaultPlugins] customDefaults
    14/11 15:01 [5688] - info: [install/enableDefaultPlugins] activating default plu
    gins 0=nodebb-plugin-composer-default, 1=nodebb-plugin-markdown, 2=nodebb-plugin
    -mentions, 3=nodebb-widget-essentials, 4=nodebb-rewards-essentials, 5=nodebb-plu
    gin-soundpack-default, 6=nodebb-plugin-emoji-extended, 7=nodebb-plugin-emoji-one

    14/11 15:01 [5688] - info: Beginning database schema update
    14/11 15:01 [5688] - info: [2015/12/15] Chats upgrade skipped!
    14/11 15:01 [5688] - info: [2015/12/23] Chats room hashes upgrade skipped!
    14/11 15:01 [5688] - info: [2015/12/23] Adding theme to active plugins sorted se
    t skipped!
    14/11 15:01 [5688] - info: [2016/01/14] Creating user best post sorted sets skip
    14/11 15:01 [5688] - info: [2016/01/20] Creating users:notvalidated skipped!
    14/11 15:01 [5688] - info: [2016/01/23] Creating Global moderators group skipped
    14/11 15:01 [5688] - info: [2016/02/25] Social: Post Sharing skipped!
    14/11 15:01 [5688] - info: [2016/04/14] Group title from settings to user profil
    e skipped!
    14/11 15:01 [5688] - info: [2016/04/19] Users post count per tid skipped!
    14/11 15:01 [5688] - info: [2016/04/29] Dismiss flags from deleted topics skippe
    14/11 15:01 [5688] - info: [2016/05/28] Giving topics:read privs to any group th
    at was previously allowed to Find & Access Category - skipped!
    14/11 15:01 [5688] - info: [2016/06/13] Store upvotes/downvotes separately skipp
    14/11 15:01 [5688] - info: [2016/07/12] Upload privileges skipped!
    14/11 15:01 [5688] - info: [2016/08/05] Removing best posts with negative scores
    14/11 15:01 [5688] - info: [2016/08/07] Granting edit/delete/delete topic on exi
    sting categories - skipped!
    14/11 15:01 [5688] - info: [2016/09/22] Setting category recent tids - skipped!
    14/11 15:01 [5688] - info: [upgrade] Schema already up to date!


    NodeBB Setup Completed. Run './nodebb start' to manually start your NodeBB serve
    It says it was skipped How I can i get my admin user?

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    @Hsm909 you either need to run setup with a different database name, or delete the admin credentials from your existing database.

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