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  • I changed some core stuff, is it possible to turn automatic updates off? Or even better - how can I make these changes permanent/persistent? By writing a plugin?

    Example: I want my advanced search panel closed by default, I changed core code and I don't want to lose these settings with next update.

    Same with language files - I had to modify some terms which might not be suited for general use, but they suit my specific needs. I don't want to change general used files on Transifex, so I made these changes locally. How can I ensure that next update won't reverse my changes?

  • I'm not sure what you mean by automatic updates. I think what you mean is when you do an update, your core file changes are overwritten.

    To keep your core changes, you will need to stash them, update nodebb, and then re-apply.

    git stash
    --update nodebb--
    git stash apply

    There will likely be merge conflicts. If so, it will let you know what files have conflicts, and you will need to edit those files manually.

  • I think the problrm and dolution for it it is already answerrd by @yariplus, but i perso ally think that the way to go woyld be a custom theme and a set of custom plugins to fert your needs.

    With a custom theme i think you could make the modifications you need regarding search page behaviour. You could just fork persona theme if you are using that, and make the changes on your fork with a different name.

    Regarding new message localisation i think they would fit better on a plugin, linked to the new functionality you are providing.

  • I was presuming (incorectly as I see now) that there is an automatic update function.
    I've asked a similar question here: https://community.nodebb.org/topic/9601/changing-labels-hiding-elements-in-specific-categories/7, but doesn't hurt if I repeat it here.

    Should I first pull 1.x.x branch and then on master or can I pull master branch directly? Currently I'm using version 1.1.2.

  • @metalkramp If you are on 1.1.2, you should be able to just checkout the master branch. (master branch may contain additional bugs.)

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