• Okay, cloned Lavender, made the template changes, published to npm as scoped module ("@username/[...]"), which is new to me, npm installed on server, restarted the forum, and 🐼

    Changed the Id in theme.json to not conflict with the original. And the theme name.

    What am I missing to get it onto the ACP plugins list?

    Bonus! Is there a way to effect template changes without having to restart the forum, daarn slow 🐪

    Cheers & thanks!

  • Community Rep

    This happens because npm puts the packages in a scoped folder, and NodeBB only checks the root node_modules folder. NBB would have to look in each directory that starts with @ for plugins. There may be other issues too.

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    Using a renamed or namedspaced package name such as nodebb-theme-myname-lavender might be better until scoped support is added. (Although, it is ugly)

  • Yeah, I suddenly remembered how to do this the smart way, not using npm when developing, just git cloning the repo (to lazy to mount the server disk locally 😃

    I just found this https://github.com/NodeBB/nodebb-theme-quickstart, and it's quite strange that I didn't find it before, but now at least I know to search this forum instead of relying on Google =P

    Thanks for the reply!

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