How can I get all Group name created?

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    You can set this value from ACP > Settings > EMail ("From Name")

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    Finally, I made it simpler...

    I made a link from /toto/myfiles to public/uploads/myfiles. Then, I wrote this app.get code in my plugin :

    app.get('/uploads/myfiles/:file(*?)', function (req, res) { // Things TODO with req.params.file for permissions (after work on it)... var longfilename = path.resolve('public' + req.url); if (fs.existsSync(longfilename)) { res.status(200); res.sendFile(longfilename); } else { console.log('Fichier non trouvé'); res.status(404); res.render('404', {path: req.path}); } });

    Now, there is no problem with the ajaxify thing... Ouf !

    I'm going to open another topic for another question about the 404 error rendering... 😉

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    Thanks @baris and @PitaJ for the nice info, I will try it out.

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    I'm interested too!

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    @baris said:

    If you don't mind getting your hands dirty you can modify core and change PostTools.parse

    me -> 😨

    I was thinking to extract the topic id from data.url and pass it back to the plugin backend to store, and then limit my plugin to one instance per topic for now. But I think that would be even worst, and when 0.6.0 arrives I would have to fix it anyways.

    I am a bit scared to touch the core stuff, but I may give your suggestion a try since it is less hacky, and better long term solution.